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We have the ability to source a variety of items on very short notice

At Pocono Profoods we pride ourselves in delivering the freshest ingredients to your kitchen and are committed to sourcing products that not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations. Whether it is a fresh fish that was swimming in the ocean yesterday and flown halfway around the world or simply local produce that travelled only a few miles, we follow through on getting you what you want when you want it. Our commitment to quality is always at the forefront of our product selection and is not only limited to our fresh products but carries through to our entire product line from frozen to grocery items and our over $1.5 billion in purchasing power assures you that you are getting the best quality at the right price.  Download Product Catalog

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New Products Week of March 17th

  • Snack Starter Pack, 30/.09 oz.

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    Nourish Snacks are strategically formulated with the perfect combination of protein, fiber & antioxidants to leave you feeling energized & satisfied. Plus, they are convenientyl packaged in portion-controlled bags, all for under 200 calories. This convenient starter pack comes pre-assembleD and pre-filled with 6 bags of each flavor: Berry'd Treasure, Chili'n in the Corn'r, Monkey Love, Mr. Popular, Mind your Ps & BBQs. GLUTE-FREE/DAIRY-FREE/NON-GMO/VEGETARIAN


  • Gochujang, 17.6 oz. tub

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    This fermented hot chili paste from Roland Imports is similar to miso paste with a strong umami flavor and the addition of fiery chilies.

    It is a traditional Korean chili paste used throughout Korean cuisine and has crossed into American and fusion cuisines.

  • Hushpuppy Breaded 26/34 ct. Shrimp, 6/2#

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    Premium, round, tail-off shrimp coated in Tampa Maid's

    proprietary Hushpuppy-style breading for a great flavor

    and texture with every bite!

    Tampa's Hushpuppy Breaded Shrimp will fry up light and

    crispy and are excellent as a unique appetizer or entree.

  • Raw Egg Rigatoni, 40/4 oz.

    PPF #: 

    Frozen, pre-portioned in 4-ounce bags. 100% extra-fancy durum flour, fresh

    whole eggs and their unique process of laminated pasta dough, make

    Talluto's Pasta the lightest, most refined egg pasta available.

  • Roasted & Seared Pork Shoulder, 2/5#

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    Made from all-natural cushion meat that is tumble-marinated, flash fried, slightly browned to produce a seared flavor note & then cooked for 5 hours. Smithfield Farmland  creates this deliciously tender & juicy pork that is easily  served in a variety of cuisines & applications from classic Mexican fare & comfort foods to on-trend favorites to your own signature creations.

  • Halibut Fillets, 20/8 oz.

    PPF #: 

    Frozen, boneless, skinless, center cut, loin portions

    from Beaver Street Fisheries. Caught from the waters

    off China. Halibut is low fat and can be baked, broiled,

    fried, grilled, pan sauteed and poached. The firm, white

    meat and the mild flavor makes this a great fish for

    any recipe calling for whitefish.

  • Six Cheese Sacchettini, 2/2.65 lbs.

    PPF #: 

    Pre-cooked little pasta purses filled with ricotta, mozzarella, romano,

    parmesan, montery jack and cheddar cheeses from Carla's Pasta.

    Average 280 per case.

  • Rainbow Mix Micro-Greens, 8 oz.

    PPF #: 

    Created with chef's interest in mind. A rainbow spectrum

    of vibrantly colored micro-greens including cool, light & rich,

    dark greens ignited with warm, bright shades of red.

    Adds vibrant colors and textures to any salad or entree.

    From Koppert Cress.

  • Fresh Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans, 1 oz.

    PPF #: 

    This variety of vanilla beans are superior with flavor and aromatic qualities that make these beans the most popular and sought after vanilla variety.

    The flavor is rich, dark and creamy with an overwhelming sweet, buttery aroma. These are well suited for many baking recipes, drinks and desserts.

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Pocono ProFoods purchases from growers, manufacturers and processors both domestically and from around the world. As a major independent foodservice distributor, we offer a wide variety of national brands and proprietary brands. Our proprietary brands include…

  • Restaurant's Pride, a Frosty Acre's Brand

    We offer a complete line of Restaurant’s Pride products distinguished by quality, consistency and value. Superior, Preferred, Dependable and Advantage distinguish the levels of quality.

  • Orefresco, one of our suppliers, logo

    The perfect choice for your finest Italian cuisine.

  • Butterful, one of our brands, logo

    The liquid butter alternative with a natural butter taste.

  • Frytatious, one of our brands, logo

    The choice of premium oil for all your fryer needs.

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Brand logos such as Restaurant's Pride, Unilever, McCain, and more


Pocono ProFoods is proud to offer more than 10,000 quality products within the following categories:

  • Baked Goods
  • Bakery Supply
  • Bases/Concentrates
  • Bar Mixes & Supplies
  • Beverages & Equipment
  • Candy
  • Canned Products
  • Cereals
  • Crackers
  • Cream Products - Refrigerated, Frozen, Dry
  • Dairy Goods - Butter & Margarine, Cheeses
  • Disposables
  • Eggs - Refrigerated, Frozen, Dry
  • Fountain Supplies
  • Fruits - Frozen, Canned
  • Gelatins
  • Hors D'Oeuvres
  • Ice Cream and Toppings
  • Janitorial
  • Jelly & Syrup
  • Meats - Fresh, Frozen, Provisions
  • Pasta Products
  • Potatoes - Refrigerated, Frozen, Dry
  • Poultry
  • Produce - Fruits, Vegetables, Processed Fresh Vegetables
  • Sauces/Gravy
  • Seafood - Fresh, Frozen, Canned
  • Shortenings & Oils
  • Snacks
  • Soups - Fresh and Frozen
  • Spices
  • Warewash Supplies

To view our entire product catalog and to place orders, please go to the Web Ordering Login section of our site.

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Fresh Produce, Dairy, and Meat products


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