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Maintaining only the highest integrity, we are proud of the industry leaders that we call “partner.”

Family owned and independently operated since 1940, Pocono ProFoods knows we can’t do it alone. That’s why we have aligned ourselves with trusted partners that allow us to grow our business across all aspects of the Foodservice and Retail markets. Through our sales, marketing, and procurement programs Pocono ProFoods can provide complete distribution solutions to the independent and multi-unit customers no matter how big or small. Our programs are designed as customized solutions to fit our customer’s needs.

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F.A.B. Inc. (Frosty Acres)

Established in 1954, Frosty Acres (F.A.B. Inc.) is an Atlanta, Georgia based nationwide sales, marketing and procurement food buying group cooperative. What began strictly as a frozen food buying group program in 1954 with seven original members, today has over 20,000 items across all major product categories including meats, poultry, seafood, non-foods equipment and supplies, servicing both foodservice and retail markets. F.A.B. Inc. has more than 80 independent food distributor members in the U.S., Mexico, Panama and Canada, including broadliners, wholesalers, retailers, systems distributors and center-of-the-plate specialists. Pocono ProFoods has been a member of F.A.B. Inc. since 1966. To learn more about Frosty Acres visit their website at www.frostyacres.com.

  • Gourmet Direct – Choose from over 10,000 specialty and gourmet food products sourced globally and delivered to your door!
  • One Focus Business Solutions – Provides discounts and complete programs on ancillary services such as linens, pest control, credit card processing, and all other aspects of the restaurant operation to lower our customers’ operational costs
  • EQ Supply – Your one stop source for all things related to equipment and supply for any kitchen. EQ Supply provides competitive pricing, vast availability and easy ordering.
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Pro*Act is America’s leading distributor of fresh produce to the foodservice industry. For over two decades, Pro*Act has been providing foodservice and retail operators with the distinct benefits of streamlining the produce supply chain-offering significant cost benefits and an easy one call solution to secure the freshest produce from over 70 third party inspected distribution centers across the United States and Canada. As America’s Coast to Coast source for fresh product, our organization contracts with the industry’s leading growers and shippers, providing the foodservice industry with the “Pro*Act advantage” in product quality, food safety, supply and value. Pro*Act produce category cost management through commodity contract pricing, in house consultation services and integrated produce program distribution management which brings optimal economic value and food safety to our customers and sets new standards in the produce industry every day. Pocono ProFoods has been a member since 1997 and today our Pocono Produce division uses our Pro*Act resources to provide the safest, most cost effective, and highest quality produce items to our customers.

  • Greener Fields Together – A national sustainability and local produce program that ensures sustainable efforts are implemented at every stage of the produce supply chain, to ensure safe quality produce from seed to fork.
  • Harvest Sensations - A collective of specialty fruits, vegetables and herbs sourced from a unique network of local, national and international farmers. Our inventory includes the latest product trends, as well as, specialty staples, making Harvest Sensations a one-stop shop for its customers. Our long-term relationships with growers provide significant cost benefits and assure a continuous supply.
  • Client Services - PRO*ACT’s produce program for national/multi-unit groups that provides valuable solutions, including annual contracts, regional price consistency and validation, custom product specification guides, distribution support ,item analysis, market updates, and regional training seminars. Client Services works directly with a customer’s management team to develop a complete perishable category program, resulting in operating efficiencies, improved bottom line performance, and protection of the integrity of a customer’s brand.
  • Food Safety - At PRO*ACT, food safety is an ongoing commitment and not simply a trend. Our highly qualified professionals manage the entire food safety supply-chain, from growers to distributors to customers. As a volunteer participant in the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), PRO*ACT requires all suppliers and member distributors to meet stringent food safety, recall and security standards.
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Greener Fields Together


GFT is a groundbreaking industry wide sustainability and local produce initiative. Our national produce program is the foodservice industry’s first comprehensive, national farm to fork program specifically designed with two main goals: to create and commit to continuous sustainable improvements at each touch point in the produce supply chain and to ensure the availability and safety of local produce for operators in all segments of the foodservice and retail markets. GFT is a national farm to fork program administered by PROACT and implemented around the country through our network of independent produce distributors.

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Greener Fields Together logo featuring a yellow sun and green fields

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Pocono ProFoods is a proud member of the following associations, click on the logos to view their Website:

I.F.D.A. - International Foodservice Distributor Association

Green Business Bureau

National Women Business Owners Corporation

Pennsylvania Restaurant Association

P.M.V.B. - Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau

ACF American Chef's Association

N.J.R.A. -NJ Restaurant Association Pocono Produce Company is the recipient of the "1998 Food Purveyor of the Year Award" as THE Foodservice Distributor for outstanding sales and service to our industry.

NRA National Restaurant Association

PA S.F.S.A. - PA School Food Service Association

NJ S.F.S.A. - NJ School Food Service Association

Northeast PA Professional Chefs' Association

Greater Lehigh Valley Professional Chefs' Association

Pocono Mountains Professional Chefs' Association

P.M.C.C.- Pocono Mountain Chamber of Commerce

NJ Fresh

Buy Fresh Buy Local

PA Preferred

N.F.R.A.-National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association Pocono Produce Company is the recipient of the "1999, 2000 and 2001 Golden Penguin Award" for marketing excellence of Frozen Foods.

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