F.A.B. Inc. (Frosty Acres)

Established in 1954, Frosty Acres (F.A.B. Inc.) is an Atlanta, Georgia based nationwide sales, marketing and procurement food buying group cooperative. What began strictly as a frozen food buying group program in 1954 with seven original members, today has over 20,000 items across all major product categories including meats, poultry, seafood, non-foods equipment and supplies, servicing both foodservice and retail markets. F.A.B. Inc. has more than 80 independent food distributor members in the U.S., Mexico, Panama and Canada, including broadliners, wholesalers, retailers, systems distributors and center-of-the-plate specialists. Pocono ProFoods has been a member of F.A.B. Inc. since 1966. To learn more about Frosty Acres visit their website at www.frostyacres.com.

  • Gourmet Direct – Choose from over 10,000 specialty and gourmet food products sourced globally and delivered to your door!
  • One Focus Business Solutions – Provides discounts and complete programs on ancillary services such as linens, pest control, credit card processing, and all other aspects of the restaurant operation to lower our customers’ operational costs
  • EQ Supply – Your one stop source for all things related to equipment and supply for any kitchen. EQ Supply provides competitive pricing, vast availability and easy ordering.
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