Pocono ProFoods purchases from growers, manufacturers and processors both domestically and from around the world. As a major independent foodservice distributor, we offer a wide variety of national brands and proprietary brands. Our proprietary brands include…

  • Restaurant's Pride, a Frosty Acre's Brand

    We offer a complete line of Restaurant’s Pride products distinguished by quality, consistency and value. Superior, Preferred, Dependable and Advantage distinguish the levels of quality.

  • Orefresco, one of our suppliers, logo

    The perfect choice for your finest Italian cuisine.

  • Butterful, one of our brands, logo

    The liquid butter alternative with a natural butter taste.

  • Frytatious, one of our brands, logo

    The choice of premium oil for all your fryer needs.

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Brand logos such as Restaurant's Pride, Unilever, McCain, and more