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Pocono ProFoods is a family-owned distributor based in Stroudsburg, PA, supplying quality food and equipment to independent and multi-location restaurants and large-scale organizations with the ease, responsiveness and personal attention of a true partner. At Pocono ProFoods we’ve been innovating the business of broadline foodservice distribution for over 70 years, with a true commitment to building personal one to one relationships with all of our customers. Our passion is the seamless delivery of the quality goods you count on to bring your best to the table, and we’ve been delivering on that promise for three generations.

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The Beginning 1903

Kahlil Driebe outside of park market stand in Scranton, PA, 1903.
The Beginning
The Beginning

It all began when Kahlil Driebe, the father of Edward Driebe, and his brother, Tom, started a wholesale banana business in Scranton, PA. In 1905, Kahlil branched out to distribute fresh fruit and produce from a railroad car in East Stroudsburg to local area resorts, delivering via a team of mules pulling a wagon. At that time, the Pocono Mountain area of Northeastern PA was home to many fine resorts. Due to the region’s proximity to NYC and its accessibility by rail, the resorts in the Poconos were enjoyed by many well–to-do travelers from the city, who primarily visited during the warm summer months. Many of those people eventually built homes to enjoy year round.

The Foundation 1930

Driebe Family opens Park Market in 1930's.
The Foundation
The Twenties and Thirties

During this time, Scranton was prospering as a booming coal city and as a result a convenient rail system existed from New York City and Philadelphia, both within 110 miles of Scranton. It was this ease of access that enabled Scranton to unexpectedly develop into a thriving hub for produce. The Driebe family recognized this opportunity and opened a fresh fruit and produce market, The Park Market, in downtown Scranton, which kept the seven siblings very busy. Edward Driebe’ s sister, Mary, and her husband opened another Park Market in 1927 at the corner of 6thand Main Streets 45 miles away in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. In 1933 the market moved to larger building across the street.

The Birth 1940

Pocono Produce Company opens in 1940s
The Birth
The Forties

In 1940, Edward Driebe and his wife, Mary, moved to Stroudsburg from Scranton and operated the Park Market. At this time, Ed’s brother, Jim, started Pocono Produce Company, a fresh wholesale fruit and produce house, in the rear of the old ice building on Second Street. Five years later, Ed purchased Pocono Produce from his brother, recognizing that the area’s resorts were quickly growing into a year round industry. Eight years later, he needed to relocate to a larger facility with more space, different unloading and loading requirements, and most importantly the need for multi-temperature storage.

Breaking Ground 1954

Pocono Produce Company opens new facilities in Stroudsburg, PA in 1950
Changing Times
The Fifties

Construction of the new facility at North Fifth Street began in 1954. On June 3, 1955, Ed Driebe founded the “new” Pocono Produce Company, adding frozen foods to the already established high quality fresh-line. The move in June proved to be very fortunate. In August 1955 Hurricane Diane struck the area dumping more than 12” of rain in less than 6 hours. Without warning, widespread flooding destroyed most of the bridges in eastern Pennsylvania. The towns of Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg were half-under water. Pocono’s original facility lay under more than 15 feet of water but the new facility, home for just two months, was spared as it was located just high and far enough away from the affected areas. With the addition of frozen foods came new opportunities in other areas. By 1956 another freezer was added and Pocono expanded its delivery area into the nearby cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and eastward into northern New Jersey. New segments of opportunity appeared as well, as schools and healthcare began to offer frozen foods to students and patients.

Expanding 1964

Pocono Produce Company expands product lines in 1960s.
The Sixties and Seventies

In 1964 Pocono Produce Company added groceries to its expanding line of fresh and frozen foods by acquiring a canned-only distributor and continued to enlarge its freezer capacity. The Company joined Frosty Acres of Atlanta, GA, a nationwide cooperative of independent foodservice distributors, in 1966. Paper products and janitorial supplies were added to the inventory in 1976, making Pocono Produce a full-service distributor. Again, in 1978, an additional freezer was constructed and the offices were expanded. In 1977, a new dry grocery warehouse was built. Ahead of its time, in 1978 Pocono Produce computerized the entire operation, allowing for expanded service to customers and more efficient operations.

Fresh Seafood 1983

Edward Driebe answering the phone at Pocono Produce Company
Fresh Seafood
The Eighties

Product offering expansion continued as Pocono introduced a fresh seafood department in 1983. In 1984 a 330,000 cubic-foot freezer was constructed to meet the increased demand for frozen products throughout all segments of the foodservice industry. A modern sales training center was added, complete with a fully-equipped test and demonstration kitchen. The sales team was introduced to more technology as remote order entry became a reality. This technology feature was the link that paved the way for Pocono’s seamless communication with its customers.

Forging Ahead 1997

Sky view of Pocono Produce Company
Forging Ahead
The Nineties

Fresh Meat and Protein were added to the product mix during this period. Edward K. Driebe remains chairman of the board as family members from the second generation, Terrence B. Snyder and Rosemary Driebe Olofsson were named president and executive vice president. In 1996, Pocono joined the Pro*Act family of produce distribution companies and became a part of the leading foodservice produce purchasing and marketing organization in the country. In 1997, Pocono began operating out of a new distribution center which added more than 2 million cubic feet of refrigerated and frozen space. The new facility, situated on 54 acres, affords the opportunity for almost unlimited possibilities to expand services to meet the needs of our market.

The Next Century 2000's

Pocono ProFoods new logo after rebranding in 2013.
Next Century & Beyond
The Two Thousands

Sadly, on January 1, 2005, our father and founder Edward K. Driebe passed away. His presence and vision are greatly missed, but his legacy continues to live on. The change in the millennium brought about the addition of the third generation of family members to fill key positions within the company. In 2013, Pocono Produce Company was rebranded as Pocono ProFoods to reinforce its position as a premier full-line food distribution company. Today, our business continues to grow with service currently available to portions of 13 states in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. As Pocono ProFoods looks forward to the future, the essence of the past guides its leadership to operate in noticeable ways that the corporate focus of the national distributors lacks. We bring our best to your delivery, so you can bring your best to the table. Pocono Profoods is truly Always Serving You.

Service Areas

We now deliver to locations in fifteen states. We may be closer than you think. Our market has expanded every year as we have grown to meet our customer’s needs.

Call us toll-free to see when we can be delivering to you! 1-800-366-4550

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